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Nature’s Comfort Introduces Energy Saving Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Nature’s Comfort builds their outdoor wood boilers according to their proven design specifications.

Nature’s Comfort outdoor wood furnace help consumers save more than $60,000 on their heating bills within the warranty period alone. The potential savings is a lot more throughout the life of the furnace. The established outdoor wood boiler manufacturer says that the durable boilers will provide 30 plus years of dependable service with proper operation and maintenance.

Energy costs are a major household expenditure especially in the winter. Wood is a fuel source that is readily available, completely renewable and very affordable when compared with other fuel sources. Nature’s Comfort outdoor wood stove often pay for itself in energy savings within the first two to three years. More than just providing heat for the home, boilers also provide for the home’s hot water needs when a water-to-water heat exchanger is added to the setup. By eliminating the water heater, homeowners will realize an even bigger savings on their energy bills. Furthermore, homeowners who have the resources to cut their own wood or use scrap wood can cut their heating costs by 99.9 percent.

The manufacturing firms in Wisconsin and Indiana emphasize quality to give customers the best outdoor wood boiler ever made. Efficient is a primary concern because it gives homeowners more heat from less wood. Nature’s Comfort uses an energy efficient design to maximize combustion and transfer of heat to improve heat delivery to the home.
The company recognizes that purchasing a wood boiler is a sizeable investment and most homeowners would be unable to purchase out of pocket. With that in mind, they’ve provided a lot of resources for 100 percent financing and loans for consumers.

Janet Williams is more than happy with her Nature’s Comfort boiler, “I wanted a wood boiler for so long, but I just didn’t know where I would get the money to purchase one. I’m concerned about the state of our environment and wanted a renewable resource. I also wanted to cut back on the costs of our rising energy bills. Thankfully, Nature’s Comfort helped me to arrange financing and I’m now the proud owner of a sturdy and efficient unit that keeps my home warm during the harsh winter but is still useful when I need a little warmth in the fall.”

Visit Nature’ Comfort online to purchase an outdoor wood stove with hassle free shipping and the tools and supplies for Do-It-Yourself installation.

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