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Notice for biomass hot water boiler


Biomass hot water boiler need to take some measures when firing,so that the boiler can quickly start.Before firing,we should conduct a comprehensive inspection (including related accessories,pipelines),and then water supply operations.Before entering water,turn off the drain valve,and open a safety valve, allowing air in furnace to freely discharge.The following analysis about firing matters needing attention are given by ZG for your reference.

Check whether the biomass hot water boiler combustion device is intact,the mechanical transmission system,coal conveying system,the slagging system preliminary operations are normal,governor box security spring compaction degree is appropriate,the lubrication is good,coal gate has proper indication,the eagle iron is in good condition.

Check whether the biomass hot water boiler auxiliary equipment (induced draft fan, air blower, water pump, etc.) couplings are firmly connected,triangle belt tightness degree is proper,lubricating oil is good and adequate,the cooling water is unblocked.After passing the examination,install the security guard and put them to trial respectively,and pay attention to the idling current,dust removal device mouth should be tightly closed and has no air leakage.

If the examination conforms to the requirements,the biomass hot water boiler can begin to run,when the water entering,we should turn open the are valve on drum,check whether the flange and valves of manhole,hand hole,and other parts have water leaks.

Romiter biomass hot water boiler have constantly been improved based on the latest technology and our extensive experience in manufacturing boilers,if you have any questions,please feel free to contact us,you will get effective guidance from here!


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