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Notice for Pressure Bearing Boiler

Cautions before installation

  1. Boiler must be installed by qualified company and engineers. Boiler has to pass the test and inspection by local government department, then can be operated.
  2. Before operating, the director of boiler should have boiler safety knowledge, and organize firemen to learn the “Boiler Installation and Operation Manual” and other technical documents. Boiler has to be operated by qualified fireman. For electric heating steam boiler, the fireman should have relative electricity knowledge. Fireman should operate boiler according to “Boiler Installation and Operation Manual” strictly to ensure the boiler running properly and safely.
  3. Boiler room should have enough light, well ventilation and antifreezing measures. If the boiler installed in basement, forced ventilation is necessary, and keep inflammable and explosives away from the boiler.
  4. Fire resistance rating and requirement of material in boiler room should meet with the government standard. The door to outside should be open outward entrance and exit should be unobstructed. Do not lock the door during boiler operating.
  5. Power supply should fit with boiler requirement. Well earth wire connected, equipped Earth Leakage Protection Devices. Fireman should know how to deal with the sudden power failure.
  6. Before installation, safety valve and pressure gauge should pass the examination by Professional Test Authority and lock by lead sealing.
  7. To prolong the boiler lifespan and save fuel, water for boiler must be conformity with GB1576 “Industrial Boiler Water Standard”. Unless, contamination precipitation will form scale and water granulated slag which will destroy the water cycle and damage boiler parts (pipe overheated, deformation, booster, shell crack, even boiler explosion. Boiler must be equipped with qualified water softener.
  8. Boiler should be easy to blow off, and keep the blow off free and lead the water to a safety place.
  9. There should be without any leakage at Fuel (Oil or Gas) or flue channel connection points.

Boiler warming, cooking and debugging notice

  1. After installation and keeping water, oil (gas), electricity connected, qualified engineer can debug boiler. Before start boiler, please refasten bolts of pressing line plates and boiler seal surfaces including water level meter, burner, flanges of front and rear smock boxes, bolts of man hole and hand hole, to ensure well sealing. Check power voltage, switches, valves and other auxiliaries. Keep water feeding valve open, blind plate removed, main steam valve and blow off valve closed, water level meter valve open.
  2. Boiler Warming: for horizontal boiler, please warm up boiler before operating. Keep the temperature increase slowly to avoid uneven heated and over stress which will shorten the boiler lifespan. Before boiler warming, please ensure all systems are conformity with technical regulations after test running.
    a) At first stage of warming up, please use weak fire and keep the flue gas temperature less than 60 Celsius degree.
    b) At second stage, increase fire strength slowly and evenly, keep the fire cement temperature increase less than 10 Celsius degree per hour.
    c) At third stage, keep the flue gas temperature less than 160 Celsius degree, and keep Max. temperature at least 24 hours.
    d) In case that the fire cement of smock box is very moist, please slow down the temperature increase speed, and prolong warming up time. It is better 2 or 3 days.
    e)  If not warming up boiler according to mentioned method, may cause fire cement crack, deformation, caving. Any malfunction of main facilities, please stop warming up, and go on after trouble shooting.
  3. Boiler Cooking:
    a)    New boiler cooking: Put 2-3kg Sodium Phosphate and 2-3kg sodium Hydroxide to each Cubic meter water. Sodium Phosphate can be replaced by Sodium Carbonate, and dosage is 1.5 times of Sodium Phosphate. If only use Sodium Carbonate, please put 6kg per Cubic meter water. Water cubage of boiler can be found in boiler assembly drawing.
    b)    Mentioned chemicals should be added to boiler in liquor status. When add chemicals to boiler, the boiler water level should be at lower position. Cooking time is 2-3 days. Last 24 hours of cooking boiler should keep the boiler pressure at 75% of rated pressure. When cooking boiler at lower pressure, please prolong cooking time. During cooking boiler, please get water sample regularly and analysis water quality. When the alkalinity of boiler water is less than 45 Mol/L, please add more chemicals into boiler.
    Un-properly boiler cooking will cause bad steam quality, azeotropy, corrosion of boiler parts.
    After boiler cooking, please feed water and drain out alternately, then stop boiler, drain off water, flush boiler inner and valves contacted with chemicals, make sure the blow off valve without block.
  4. Boiler Debugging: After boiler warming and cooking, start boiler debugging.
    When pressure reaches 0.3Mpa during debugging, please refasten the bolts of boiler flanges, man hole, hand hole, flanges of smock box of horizontal boiler, etc.. When pressure reaches nominal pressure, please check whether there is any leakage at man hole, hand hole, valves and flanges.
  5. After debugging, please check pipe system, oil (gas) system and electrical control system. Then set up parameters on controller, check Interlock protection device and alarm functions. When everything is ok, the boiler can be in operation condition. Boiler registration certificate for use is required before using (In China).

Boiler Operation Cautions:

  1. Fireman can only operate the boiler which has the same or lower grade of his certificate. Meanwhile fireman should make duty records and shift records.
  2. During ignition, if any abnormal condition and emergency, please shut off main power immediately.
  3. Check meters and gauges precision and the insulation of electrical wiring every year.
  4. Check safety valves, pressure gauges and other channels connected with the boiler regularly, make sure it’s unblocked. Periodically maintain and test safety valve, high and low water level, over-pressure alarms and interlock protection device, and make sure they are sensitive, reliable and accurate.
  5. Check all parts of the boiler regularly, and make sure it’s running correctly without leakage such as gas, water, smoke and so on.
  6. Please drain out twice every shift. For steam boiler, please flush water level meter twice every shift, and make sure the water level is at normal position.
  7. Check the power status periodically to prevent accidents.
  8. Pay attention to boiler feed pumps, piping, etc. to prevent freezing.
  9. The gas filter of gas fired boiler should be cleaned every 2-3 weeks. Do not use water, oil and other corrosive liquids for cleaning.
  10. The oil filter and photoresistance of oil fired boiler should be cleaned every three months. Please make sure the photoresistance is dry before restart boiler.
  11. Water feeding valve should not be closed when the boiler is in use. Keep the pumps and solenoid valves unobstructed with source of water. Filters must be installed before pumps and solenoid valves. Do not change the structure of the boiler, pipe system and valves. Do not change the atmospheric hot water boiler to pressure hot water boiler.
  12. In case of an accident of the boiler water shortage. Do NOT feed water to boiler to avoid boiler explosion.
  13. Shut off main power and close the fuel valves before inspection.
  14. Please shut off main power and clean auxiliaries, deposition, dirt, mud residue if the boiler will be stopped for long period. For boiler adopting wet maintenance method, anti-freezing measures are necessary.
  15. Fireman should not be off duty when the boiler is running.

Emergency shutdown is necessary in following conditions:

  1. Boiler water level below the lowest visible edge of the water gauge.
  2. Increasing water supply and other measures, but the water level continues to decline.
  3. Boiler water level exceeds the maximum water level (full of water), and after drainage still can’t see the water level.
  4. The pump failure or feed water system failure, can’t feed water to the boiler.
  5. Water gauge or all of the safety valve failure.
  6. Pressure gauge and pressure controller both failure.
  7. Boiler component is damaged and endanger the safety of fireman.
  8. Combustion equipment damage
  9. Pressure component leakage or other unusual situations endanger the boiler safe operation. When emergency shutdown, please stop burner firstly, then shut off power and cut off oil (gas) source. If boiler pressure component damaged or leakage, please release the steam until pressure drop to Zero Mpa.

Note: Any after-sales service charge caused by disobeying above mentioned terms should be on user’s account.


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