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Oil & Gas Fired Hot Air Generator

RVFA-Y (Q) series of fuel (gas) Stove (HOT AIR GENERATOR) of fuel through the burner combustion, resulting in high-temperature gas. And the use of heat transfer enhancement measur ...
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RVFA-Y (Q) series of fuel (gas) Stove (HOT AIR GENERATOR) of fuel through the burner combustion, resulting in high-temperature gas. And the use of heat transfer enhancement measures with high-temperature gas stove to heat conduction to the heated air, hot gas distributed by the heat after the temperature down to 250 degrees below air emission from the Fan. Be heated air through the optional blower strong into the stove, heat from the hot air after the temperature rise rating of exports sent, when the air temperature reached the maximum rated temperature, the burner will automatically stop or automatically transferred to a small flame burning combustion; when the air temperature down to the lower limit of the rated temperature, the burner will run, or to rekindle the fire burning, warming into the air valve to achieve adjustable speed.


Main Features:

  1. can of oil and gas as fuel.
  2. with clean hot air as drying medium, non-polluting.
  3. low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.
  4. automatic temperature measurement and display.
  5. simple, easy to use and all supporting equipment, domestic, performance indicators have reached the national advanced level of water products.

Application Hot Air Generator Industry:

  • Spray painting the metal surface coating after high temperature curing.
  • The pharmaceutical industry — dry herbal material.
  • Food processing industries — food drying starch drying.
  • Food Industry — baked biscuits, instant noodles, noodle drying, belt drying machine.
  • Woodworking industry — drying, fiberboard, plywood and more drying.
  • Textile dyeing printing — drying, heat setting, hot air tenter.
  • Chemical Industry — drying chemicals.
  • Automotive — tunnel drying room.

General Drawing of Oil or Gas Hot Air Generators


Oil & Gas Fired Hot Air Generator Packing List

Item Description Quantity Remark
Boiler Proper
Boiler Proper WRF-200Y(Q) unit 1
Chimney φ400 m 10
Flue Damper Match with Boiler Proper set 1
Flue Gas Duck Blast Fan 9-26 NO10D unit 1 55KW
Electric Control Cabinet RF-Ⅱ unit 1
Gas Burner BGN 300 P unit 1 7.5KW
Valves & Gauges Match with Boiler Proper set 1 Include thermo couple
Technical Data 2000000kcal set 1
General Drawing WRF-200Y unit 1
Foundation Drawing WRF-200Y unit 1
Qualification WRF-200Y unit 1
Warranty Card WRF-200Y unit 1
Installation Instruction WRF-200Y unit 1


Parameter Table of Oil & Gas Fired Hot Air Generator

Model Heat output Output air volume Output temperature Fuel consumption
Unit kcal M3/H kg/h
RVFA-Y-2.5 1.045×105 1500-560 60-200 4-5
RVFA-Y-4 1.672×105 3500-930 60-200 6-7
RVFA-Y-8 3.344×105 5600-1480 60-200 11.5-13.5
RVFA-Y-15 6.270×105 12000-2160 60-250 21.5-25
RVFA-Y-30 12.54×105 25000-4330 60-250 43-50
RVFA-Y-40 16.72×105 28000-5600 60-250 57-67
RVFA-Y-60 25.08×105 45000-8660 60-250 86-100
RVFA-Y-80 33.44×105 83000-12500 60-350 114-135
RVFA-Y-160 66.88×105 134400-23000 60-350 228-270
RVFA-Y-200 83.60×105 170000-28000 60-350 286-334


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