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ÖkoFEN and Qnergy Announce Joint Development of 6kWe CHP Boiler

ÖkoFEN – Europe’s specialist in pellet heating, and Qnergy – a global leader in Stirling energy solutions,
are pleased to announce the joint development of a revolutionary 6kWe
electricity-generating pellet boiler system. Ideally suited for
residential and small commercial applications, the combined heat and
power (CHP) unit will integrate Qnergy’s QB7500 free-piston Stirling
engine into a state-of-the-art wood pellet boiler developed by ÖkoFEN.

Fueled by inexpensive, carbon-neutral wood pellets, the new CHP
boiler with integrated Stirling engine is expected to generate 6kW of
electricity, and has the potential to produce even more. This rate of
electric power generation is almost one magnitude higher than any known
comparable boiler.

“We expect this progressive energy technology to open up new markets
to ÖkoFEN,” said company founder and CEO Herbert Ortner. “Our wood
pellet boilers have always offered a highly efficient, true green and
renewable alternative, but just for hot water production. Pairing our
technology with Qnergy’s expertise in Stirling-based power generation
will not only fill an immediate market need, but will enhance our
ability to sell both thermal and green electrical energy to commercial

Noted Qnergy CEO Erez Harel, “Partnering with ÖkoFEN on this unique
design not only allows both companies to broaden product offerings and
access new markets, but it also marks a significant milestone in our
shared pursuit of affordable, alternative energy solutions for
customers. Our fuel-agnostic, compact engine design and maintenance-free
operation are making it possible for Qnergy and its partners to meet
the most stringent requirements for next-generation CHP systems.”

How It Works

As the wood pellets are burned, heat from the burner flue gas is
transferred to the head of the QB7500 external combustion Stirling
engine, initiating a cyclic heating and cooling process of inert gas
inside the engine. During this thermodynamic process, electricity is
generated via the QB7500’s linear alternator.

The heat then travels through the boiler to supply hot water for
space heating, domestic use or for industrial and commercial process
needs. This cutting edge cogeneration system generates inexpensive
grid-quality electricity as a by-product of low-cost, environmentally
friendly hot water production.

ÖkoFEN has sold more than 60,000 units since first introducing its
unique wood pellet boiler. The company estimates the current overall
market for wood pellet boilers at 90,000 systems annually, with the
majority of sales in Europe. Worldwide, increased interest in these
eco-friendly boilers combined with the added capability of cogeneration
is expected to push the global market growth rate to nearly 20%


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