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Quality Parameter of Wood Pellet Fuel

Quality Parameter of Wood Pellet Fuel

Can you tell the pellets of high quality from those of
average? What should we consider as the standards of judgment? Follow
this article and you’ll get the answer from the professional wood pellet
machine supplier

When producing biomass or wood pellets for combustion, we often encounter a variety of problems, one of which is the criterion of quality pellets. In other words, we should know what factors can determine the quality of the pellets. As a wood pellet machine supplier, we suggest you consider the following points.

What Are Pellets of High Quality?

1. Density of pellet fuel

Density is one of commonly referred conditions that definite high-quality pellets, which is sometimes called mechanical durability. It means the specific gravity of pellets – Obviously, a denser pellet will have higher specific gravity value, and vice versa. Denser pellets are usually stronger, which contributes to the ease of transportation, and also work more efficiently in the pellet stove.
Then how to judge if finished pellets are dense enough? Here is a simple way. Pour some water into the glass, and put your pellets into the glass of water and observe. If the pellets float in the water, that means the pellets are of low quality. However, if the pellets sink down to the bottom of the glass, they are dense enough.

2. Appearance of pellet fuel

Wood pellet machine suppliers generally regard appearance of the pellets as an essential factor for the judgment. A pellet of high quality often has a smooth surface, and barely cracks. Once the pellet of high quality is cooled, the surface is supposed to be smooth and glossy.
You can tap the pellet against a hard object. If the pellet is easy to be crushed or squashed, it is surely one of low quality, while the pellet that won’t be deformed is hard enough.

3. Moisture content of pellet fuel

Moisture content is also an item that should be taken into consideration according to most wood pellet machine suppliers. Usually, too high moisture content may cause cracks on the surface of a pellet, or make it too loose. Therefore to master the moisture of raw materials is crucial to the success of pellet manufacture. Generally speaking, the target is to control the moisture content of pellets under 10%. Those with moisture higher than that cannot efficiently burn.
Those are a few points by AGICO, one of the best wood pellet machine suppliers, which should be taken into consideration while measuring the quality of biomass or wood pellets. They are certainly closely related to each other, which decide the quality of pellets together.
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