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Reasons for stoping the steam boiler urgently

Gas fired steam boiler is a a kind of steam filter equipment, of which
the stable property is very important. However, it is very common to
suffer some problems,such as the urgent stop of the equipment. In this
passage , the author will analyze the main reasons caused an urgent


When the gas fired boiler is running, it should be stopped at once:

the water level is lower than the visible edge of the water indicator.

The water level continues to decline when the water is constantly feeding into the boiler;

The water level is higher than the highest visible level of the water
indicator, and after water discharge, the water level cannot be seen .

The feed pump or the water feeding system does not work, it could not feed water to the steam boiler.

the malfunction of the water indicator and the safe valve.

The damaged components of the boiler would endanger the staff.

The firing equipment breaking, the furnace wall collapsing, or the
framework of the boiler seriously burned, wich will threaten the
boiler’s safe operation.

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