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Wood Pellet Boilers

Small Biomass Wood Pellet Steam Generators

Advantage Feature of Small Wood Pellet Steam Generators 1. Fully automatic integrated control system: Special microcomputer system is designed for our small biomass pellet steam ...
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Advantage Feature of Small Wood Pellet Steam Generators

1. Fully automatic integrated control system:

Special microcomputer system is designed for our small biomass pellet steam generator. Automatic complement water system, automatic feeding system, automatic ignition system and automatic distribution system are one-piece, one-button operation, running automatically. Professional worker is needn’t.

2. Advanced and reasonable structure:

Combustion chamber adopts three side vertical circulation air distribution and secondary oxygenating design,  which can make it complete combustion. Effluent flue is invisible by naked eye. Dust emission concentration is lower than the rule of GB13271-2001 emission standard of boiler air pollutant. Steam-water separator is internally installed to ensure the high quality of steam.

3. Safe and reliable:

Multi-protection is designed for control system, such as overheating, overpressure and lower water level, which ensure safety. Security controls, pressure gauge, safety valve and pressure switch are high-quality famous brand products which also ensure quality and service life.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection:

The biomass pellet fuel used by boiler is renewable energy, which is environmental and promoted by government around the world. The operating cost is only 1/5 of electric boiler and 1/3 of oil boiler.



Small wood pellet steam boiler is widely applied to textile, apparel manufacturing, food processing industry, schools, hospitals, hotel, restaurants, petrochemical industrial, clothing iron, plating heating etc.

Technical Data Of Wood Pellet:

  1. Diameter: Φ6-10mm
  2. Length: 10mm-30mm
  3. Ash: less than 2%
  4. Calorific value: 4300kcal/kg-4500kcal/kg
  5. Moisture content: less than 7%

Parameter Table of Small Wood Pellet Steam Generator

Model RVSG0.04-0.7-M RVSG0.07-0.7-M RVSG0.1-0.7-M RVSG0.15-0.7-M
Steam Capacity 40Kg 70Kg 100Kg 150Kg
Steam Pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
Thermal Efficiency ≥90% ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%
Outline Dimension 1000*500*1600 1350*550*1450 1500*700*1700 1700*850*1850
Hopper Volume 50Kg 75Kg 75Kg 100Kg
Fuel Consumption 3-9Kg 9-16Kg 12-19Kg 23-29Kg
Weight 330Kg 390Kg 495Kg 680Kg


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