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Solution for Gas Fired Boiler Water Leakage

During the working of gas fired boiler, water
leakage may happen because of the improper operation and the equipment’s
problem. Here is some solution

Drum water leakage of gas fired boiler

When the water leakage appears in the drum,we should determine the leak
location and leak size.If it is the corrosion problem caused by the
water,we can add the sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate to the
water,and use deaerator to eliminate the excessive dissolved oxygen in

Inwall water leakage of gas fired boiler

The inwall water leakage also can be divided into drum water
leakage,and water cooled wall and drop tube water leakage,if the former
water leakage size is small,we can mend it by replacing the damaged part
with the same steel,the latter leakage may need to change the tube.

Water leakage of water treatment system

If the water leakage is caused by corrosion,we should eliminate the
incrustation first, repair the leakage part,and process the circulating
water by adding the agent.

When the the water leakage happen,in addition to
the above parts, we also should check the parts of gas pass, hand hole
and valve.


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