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Solution of Oil Fired Boiler Exhausts Black Smoke

Automatic oil fired boiler is
widely used in petrochemical plant,pharmaceuticals industry, food
processing, hotels ,schools, etc. However,the black smoke exhausted from
the automatic oil fired boiler will affect the normal operation,and do
harm to the environment, Here is solutions

Why automatic oil fired boiler exhausts black smoke

The main reason of that is incomplete combustion,in addition,the
insufficient air flow rate, poor air distribution, too low furnace
temperature,the poor fuel atomization and secondary combustion of gas
pass,the sudden flameout in the using of automatic oil fired boiler,may
cause the black smoke too.

How to prevent black smoke exhausted from automatic oil fired boiler

We should ensure the indicators of oil supply,return oil pressure,and
oil viscosity is correct,timely supply the air and adjust the the
primary and secondary wind to prevent the local hypoxia, try to improve
the air and furnace temperature,improve fuel atomization quality,and
make sure the normal operation of oil gun before ignition.

The above analysis are given by Romiter Machinery, Romiter Machinery automatic oil fired boilers adopt the structure of the mechanical and electrical integration,have
the advantages of compact structure,convenient transportation,less
infrastructure investment ,enough output,environmental protection,etc.If
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