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Steam Pollution

Steam pollution refers to the silicate, sodium salt and other impurities in the steam. During gas steam boiler working, the steam pollution will bring great harm.

Metal corrosion of steam passage

The gases,such as CO2 and ammonia,will cause the metal corrosion of
steam passage, shorten the service life of gas steam boiler.

Blasting of superheater tube

The steam pollution can lead to that the boiler water splashes into the
superheater,reducing the temperature of superheated steam,meanwhile,the
salt in the boiler water will generate salt deposit in the
superheater,it will cause the overheating or blasting of superheater

Affecting safe operation of unit

The steam carrying a lot of water will cause the salt deposit on the
steam valves,which leads to that the valves are ineffective.The steam
containing overmuch impurities such as sodium salt and silicate,will
cause the salt accumulation of superheater and steam turbine,affecting
the safe operation of unit.

Romiter Machinery, as an experienced industrial boiler manufacturer, successfully solves a lot of problems such as steam
pollution because of scientific product design, advanced processing
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