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Steel Material of Industrial Boiler


Industrial boiler is made of steel and other materials, proper quality steel
has a direct relationship with the manufacturing process of industrial
boiler,even,it affects the quality and safety of the
project.Therefore,it is an important work to select the different kinds
of steel,boiler steel has the following four requirements from the
considerations of design:

Sufficient strength and rigidity

Boiler structure has no contact with the high temperature flue
gas,generally,room temperature is the main basis for calculating the
strength,the requirement of rigidity should be satisfied at the same

Paying attention to purpose and performance

Generally,the plate beams and columns adopt alloy steel,the rest of the components basically use ordinary low-carbon steel.

Good welding performance

The framework generally adopts welding processing way,because the size
of the framework is restricted by working conditions,the weld preheating
and post weld heat treatment are very difficult,so,we should select the
steel of good welding performance.

Appropriate brittle transition temperature

Sometimes,the working temperature of framework is very low,so,the
brittle transition temperature of the steel should not be too high,it
should be lower than the local lowest temperature.

The reasonable choice of steel,not only guarantees the bearing capacity
of industrial boiler,but also ensures the normal operation of


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