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Sticky furnace valve disrupts Paris school classes

Paris Elementary School Principal Jane Fahey told SAD 17 directors Monday night that the school was evacuated Monday morning because a sticky valve on the oil-fired boiler created an odor in the building.

At no time were the 440 students or the staff in danger, she said. They were outside for about 15 minutes before being led into the gym, where they stayed for 30 minutes and then returned to class at 11 a.m.

When the Paris Fire Department gave the OK for students to go back into the school, the plan to bus them to Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in Paris was canceled.

“When it was announced we were going to go to the high school, they all cheered,” Fahey said. Soon after, they learned they would stay put.

Fahey said the odor emanated from the boiler room because a sticky value allowed too much oil to go into the system, something that has happened at the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in Paris.

The heating system is working and awaiting a conversion to propane gas by the end of the week. By midwinter, it is expected the school will have both boilers converted to propane for a backup, with a wood pellet boiler for primary heat.

“We can’t wait to get that wood stove in,” Fahey said.


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