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Thermal Oil Heaters Combustion Ways Introduction

In our production, Thermal Oil Heaters can heat transfer, which is helpful to the production which requires
heat. Thermal have differences in the way and we will follow with
different modes of  production. Horizontal thermal oil heaters is
a fluid oil heaters which uses fuel to produce and it is of more use of some
fuel. So we have to consider which method to carry on in the

the thermal oil heaters work, we need to burn and the ways of burning are
somewhat different. Our main way is to carry out gasification
combustion, which can increase the quality of  combustion gasification
combustion, and promote the transformation of energy and it is a more
advanced combustion. However, this combustion also has choices for
boilers. It is more  suitable for boiler of 1t / h or less. Gasification
combustion equipment is simple and easy to manage. Also it has good
effects of reducing smoke and dust, but it not suitable for burning low
 volatile coal, and has a large labor intensity of making slag and has
strict safety requirements of the operation. Thermal oil heaters combustion is
stratified combustion. It is also known as the fire bed  combustion, but
only for solid fuel combustion and it is the main way of small boilers.
Formed coalbed by manually or mechanically make coal to fixed or
movable grate. The air gets in from  the below of the grate, gets
through the gap of the grate and passes through the fuel layer and then
the fuel burns. There are many types of stratified combustion
equipments. Such as  hand-fired furnace grate, double grate, chain
grate, reciprocating grate and stoker furnace and so on. Stratified
combustion can adapt to different combustion characteristics of coal,
coal  particles without special processing, and can better the fire in
the hearth. But the air is bad to mix with coal bed.


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