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Advantage Feature of Water Tube Steam Boilers 1. High-efficiency Boiler Liner Structure Boiler liner uses internationally advanced three-pass vertical water pipe tubular structure ...
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Advantage Feature of Water Tube Steam Boilers

1. High-efficiency Boiler Liner Structure

Boiler liner uses internationally advanced three-pass vertical water pipe tubular structure, the exhaust gas and finned tube are fully flushed and exchange heat with thermal efficiency of above 92%. Designing by regarding the steam boiler and burner as a whole, and this kind of customized design according to characteristics of boiler is a tradition of our factory, which could make the combustion system of the boiler reach an optimal ratio. It is an organic combination of energy saving with environmental protection technology.

2. Advanced Automatic Control Function

The boiler operating system is automatic controlled, and all the operating state could be seen on the LCD screen. You could observe the working state of the burner on the display screen, boiler water level state, current temperature, feeding pump operating state as well as fault and alarm state etc, making you know the operating condition of the boiler at any time, and use at ease. The most simplified one key control, with one touch to enter the automatic operating state, all safety protection devices start to work without any special personnel to be on duty, making operators more relieved and free from worry.

3. Safe and scientific structural design

It is equipped with multiple interlock protection devices such as safety valve, pressure controller, water level controlling protector, etc., ensuring absolute safety and reliability. Adopt the rectangular fin tube and tubular furnace structure which can compensate the thermal expansion effectively, prevent thermal stress, make the boiler structure be safe and reliable, and lengthen the service life of the boiler.

4. High-quality and fast steam

The unique design of small water volume and large steam kiln bring fast steam generation within shortest time, and the built-in steam-water separating device guarantees top-quality steam of high dryness.



Parameter Table of Water Tube Steam Generators

Name LSS0.1-0.8-Y/Q LSS0.2-0.8-Y/Q LSS0.3-0.8-Y/Q LSS0.5-0.8-Y/Q LSS1.0-0.8-Y/Q
Rated Evaporation (kg/h) 100 200 300 500 1000
Thermal Efficiency (%) ≥93 ≥93 ≥93 ≥93 ≥93
Rated Pressure (MPa) 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Steam Temperature (℃) 175 175 175 175 175
Fuel 0# Diesel(kg/h) 6.1 12.2 18.3 30.5 61
Coal gasN(Nm³/h) 17 34 51 85 170
Natural gas(Nm³/h) 7.6 15.2 22.8 38 76
Liquefied gas(kg/h) 5.7 11.4 17.1 28.5 57
Dimension(mm) L 900 1000 1150 1350 1480
W 900 1000 1150 1350 1480
H 1700 2100 2400 2650 3100
Steam Caliber DN25 DN25 DN40 DN40 DN50
Drain Outlet Caliber DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25 DN40
Water Inlet Caliber DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25


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Romiter Group concentrating on supply high efficient and high intelligent boiler for customer. Main products include wood pellet hot water boilers, wood pellet steam boiler, wood pellet burner, coal fired thermal oil heater, diesel oil fired thermal oil heaters, biomass steam generator(wood dust, corncob, bagasse, rice husk, palm kernel shell), coal fired hot air generator, wood pellet hot air furnace, electric steam generator, coal fired steam generator, coal water slurry steam generator, diesel oil or gas steam generator, thermal oil steam generators, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

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