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Vacuum hot water boiler installation considerations

Vacuum hot water boiler is relative to the other requirements for the installation is still
relatively low. Not by the Technical Supervision, fire recognition. Because the volume of direct air hot water boiler is relatively small, and the overall shape, not too many other accessories. Vacuum boiler because of its high security, so these can not be installed where other types of boiler in the basement, the roof, the boiler can be installed vacuum. Vacuum boiler can be placed in the ground floor, second floor, roof, middle floor. Explosion can only meet fire safety requirements.


Do not need people on duty

Vacuum hot water boiler is fully automatic operation, do not need people on duty. Simple force poly vacuum hot water boiler operation, when installing aftermarket Romiter Machinery staff will be trained users. You can not require a dedicated operator does not need Boilermakers appointment card.


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