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Vacuum hot water boiler vs Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler


Vacuum hot water boiler VS Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler


Compare the project Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler Vacuum hot water boiler
Security More safety 100% safety
Efficiency 82%,The declining 92%,Never change
Life 8~10year More than20 year
Investment Boiler cheap, high cost for auxiliary Low cost
Approval inspection Registration yearly check Do not need to yearly check
Other requirements Less than 4 t/h can be put in the basement; The need for personnel unattended Can be put in the basement, roof, green belt; just a part-time guard personnel

At present there are only several boiler manufacturers in very few countries such as Japan, South Korea, China engaged in the production and sales of vacuum boiler. From safety, and cost into consideration, the hotel is very suitable for use in vacuum boiler for heating and hot water.

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