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Waste Residue Boiler

The boiler is designed for the combustion of fungus dregs, adopts the mode of china fire grate and spiral feeding, and is suitable for the single combustion of low moisture fungus ...
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The boiler is designed for the combustion of fungus dregs, adopts the mode of china fire grate and spiral feeding, and is suitable for the single combustion of low moisture fungus dregs or the mixed combustion of high
moisture fungus dregs, sawdust, wood particles, coal, etc.

Advantage feature of Romiter Waste Residue Boiler

  1. Advanced structure: The boiler adopts the water-fire structure, arched tube sheet, threaded smoke tube, wing-shaped gas duct and is characterized by long flue gas flow, rapid heat transmission, good structure elasticity without problems of such as tube sheet cracking.
  2. Special designed fuel hopper: The unique design of anti-bridging feed bin leads fuels to fall down by virtue of self-weight without disturbance.
  3. Biomass fuel pre-dryer system: The front end of furnace is used for preheating and drying so that the drying process outside the furnace of fuels and the drying devices can be omitted.
  4. Patented combustion system design: The double arch heat insulation combustion furnace is designed to separate combustion and heat transmission and has the characteristics of large space and high temperature combustion, multi-return and long-distance burnout, multi-point secondary air distribution, black smoke elimination, dust reduction and environmental protection.
  5. Special designed screw feeding system: The special screwed feeder continuously and uniformly feeds fuels which can separate the feed bin and the hearth by itself, which effectively prevents the flue gas from escaping through the feeding system and feed bin from being on fire.
  6. Small scale-type china grate: The small scale type chain fire grate is adopted and is convenient for the mixed combustion of fungus dregs and other fuels, simultaneously, the small scale type china fire grate is used for uniform feeding with stable and conveniently controlled combustion, and has the characteristics of difficult tempering , convenient dust removal and strong universality
  7. Anti-explosion door: The specially designed highly-sensitive anti-explosion door is arranged, can effectively release pressure and protect the furnace wall from being damaged.
  8. Wide fuel adaptable: Other biomass fuels can be used when there are not edible fungus dregs.

Parameter Table of Waste Residue Boiler

Item DZL2-**-JZ DZL4-**-JZ DZL6-**-JZ
Rated Capacity t/h 2 4 6
Rated Pressure Mpa 0.8    1.0    1.25
Saturated Steam Temperature °C 175    184    195
Feed Water Temperature °C 20
Feed Air Temperature °C 30
Exhaust Gas Temperature °C 180 165 165
Radiation Heating Surface 16.9 22.8 28
Convection Heating Surface 55.27 123.77 136.7
Economizer Heating Surface 72.7 101.7 130.8
Grate Area 2.54 4.8 5.29
Fuel Type   Fungus, Sausa and Wood pellet
Fuel Consumption   ≈724 ≈1428 ≈2172
Thermal Efficiency % 70 70 75
Transported Size (mm) L*W*H 5000*2440*3000 5330*2640*3600 6400*2880* 3600

Working Video of Waste Residue Boilers

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