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What affects the burning velocity of oil&gas fired boilers


The oil&gas fired boiler,as one kind of environmentally friendly industrial boiler,is
widely used in food industry,pharmaceuticals industry, hotels ,schools,
etc.We should understand the factors affecting its burning velocity to
help us organize and control the burning processes better.The factors
mainly consists of the following aspects:


The influence of temperature on the burning velocity is extremely
significant.The combustible element in the fuel and oxygen is also
carrying on the slow oxidation reaction at room temperature,but we
cannot feel the temperature rise,when the temperature is higher,the
chemical reaction is very fast,high temperature flue gas is produced
continuously,this is burning.The burning velocity and temperature
perform the exponential function relationship.Therefore, the higher the
temperature inside the furnace,the more intense the burning is,if the
furnace temperature is low,the burning will be slow,even the stable
combustion can’t be guaranteed.

Concentration and pressure

The combustion of liquid fuel and gas fuel in the furnace belongs to
chemical reaction process,when the concentration of reactant (fuel and
air) increases,the chemical reaction will quicken because of the
increase of molecule collision.In addition, the change of pressure can
also cause the change of concentration,so,the pressure has a direct
effect on the burning velocity.

Mixture of fuel and oxidizer

A certain mixing ratio of fuel and oxidizer can make the chemical
reaction rate reach the highest value.Due to the combustion temperature
is also associated with the mixture ratio,the effect of mixing ratio on
the chemical reaction rate is more increased.

Other inert ingredients in the mixture

The inert ingredients such as nitrogen not only reduce the
concentration of the reactants,but also reduced the effective collision
of the reactants,which leads to the decline of chemical reaction speed,
the addition of inert gas will also cause the decline of combustion
temperature,which will further reduce the chemical reaction speed.

According to the above analysis, it is easy to
understand,oxygen-enriched or pure oxygen combustion will greatly
improve chemical reaction speed.
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