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What are the role of coal fired heating boiler auxiliaries


Coal fired boiler is widely used for heating. During the operation, Boiler auxiliaries play an important role. Coal fired heating boiler auxiliaries mainly include water wall, economizer, water supply pipe, air preheater, superheater, burner, furnace, gas pass,etc. Here are some introduction for some coal fired heating boiler auxiliaries.
Air preheater

The role of coal fired heating boiler air preheater is to raise the hot blast temperature,improve combustion conditions,reduce the heat loss of boiler combustion,recycle the flue gas heat,reduce exhaust temperature,reduce the boiler exhaust heat loss,strengthen the radiation of heat transfer in the furnace,reduce the furnace heated area,save the metal consumption of boiler heating surface.


It is installed in the rear flue of coal-fired heating boiler to use the waste heat to heat the water,its main role is to raise the feed water temperature,reduce the flue gas temperature, absorb the flue gas heat,thereby improving thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Water wall

The main role of water wall is to absorb the high temperature flame in the furnace and the radiant heat of flue gas,and make part of the water become the saturated steam,the temperature of the furnace wall is greatly reduced,so that the structure of furnace wall is simplified,reducing the quality of the furnace wall, so that the flue gas temperature near the furnace wall and at the exit of furnace is reduced,which prevent or reduce the furnace slagging.

Romiter coal fired heating boilers adopt the bilateral air intake,have six independent air chambers lengthwise along the grate ,the air chamber has independent adjustable air unit to adjust the air volume in order to achieve the optimum combustion adjustment effect. Pleasure feel free to contact us for more details!

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