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What is Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessel is exposed to a gas or liquid under pressure inside or outside, and it has high safe requirements with a sealing container. 
pressure vessel is  mainly cylindrical and few are spherical or other
shape. Usually consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel cylinder, head,
receivership, flanges and other parts and components. The higher
working pressure of the pressure vessel, cylinder walls should be

Pressure vessel classification 

1 Classify by pressure rating: pressure vessels can be divided into internal pressure and external pressure vessel container. 
pressure vessel is divided into four pressure levels according to the
size of design pressure(p) and the specific dipartition as follows: 

Low (code L) container 0.1 MPa ≤ p <1.6 MPa; 
Medium pressure (Code M) container 1.6 MPa ≤ p <10.0 MPa; 
High pressure (Code H) container 10 MPa ≤ p <100 MPa; 
UHP (Code U) container p ≥ 100MPa. 

2 Classify by the role in the production of container: 

Reactor pressure vessel (code R): for the completion of the physical, chemical reaction medium. 
Exchanger pressure vessel (Code E): used for heat exchange medium is completed. 
the pressure vessel (Code S): a fluid pressure medium for the
completion of the equilibration buffer and the separation gas

Storage pressure vessel (code C, which tank code B): used to store, hold gase, liquid, liquefied gase and other media. 
a same pressure vessel, if it has two or more process action principles
in the same time, the process should be divided by the main role


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