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WNS Three Pass Wet Back Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boilers

WNS-type oil (gas) boiler is a horizontal internal combustion three pass fire tube boilers. Furnace with bias wet back structure, high temperature gas erosion followed by the sec ...
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WNS Oil-Gas Boiler WNS Oil-Gas Boiler 2

WNS-type oil (gas) boiler is a horizontal internal combustion three pass fire tube boilers. Furnace with bias wet back structure, high temperature gas erosion followed by the second and third return pipe, and then, after smoke from the room through the chimney into the atmosphere. Boilers fitted with smoke before and after the lid, so that the boiler easy maintenance. Boilers with excellent technical performance of the industrial burner, uses a combustion automatic ratio adjustment, automatic regulation, procedure start and stop, automatic operation and other advanced technologies, and has low water level alarm and low water levels, high vapor pressure, such as auto-flameout protection. This type of boiler with a compact, safe, reliable, simple, quick to install, less pollution, low noise, high efficiency.


WNS series oil / gas steam boiler protection:

  1. the water level real-time monitoring: detecting the water level with electronic devices, real-time monitoring boiler water level.
  2. time setting function: Users may need to set free combination boiler start and stop time.
  3. leakage protection: control system to detect leakage electric heating elements, it will automatically cut off power supply.
  4. water conservation: When the boiler when water is promptly cut off the burner control circuit, dry place to prevent damage to the burner, also issued a water shortage alarm controller direction.
  1. power protection function exception: the boiler stop running.
  2. interlocking overpressure protection: boiler pressure more than the user set value, the prohibition of burners work and alarm.
  3. pressure controller, water level alarm, safety valve, low water level of the multiple security alarm.
  4. the complete gas valve and protection system: providing from the filter, regulator, gas valve solenoid valves and accessories such as integrity, to ensure the safety of gas.
  5. gas monitoring device that can automatically monitor the boiler exhaust gas temperature, the more easily grasp the combustion boiler.

Parameter Table of Oil & Gas Fired Steam Boilers

Type Horizontal Steam Boiler
Model WNS0.5- WNS1- WNS1.5- WNS2- WNS3- WNS4-
0.4[0.7]-Y/Q 0.4[0.7,1.25]-Y/Q 1.0[1.25]-Y/Q 0.4[1.25]-Y/Q 0.4[1.25]-Y/Q 0.4[1.25]-Y/Q
Rated t/h 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 4
Rated Mpa 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7/1.25 1.0/1.25
Steam Pressure
Rated Steam Temperature 152/171 152/171/194 184/194
Thermal Efficiency % 92%
Diesel Kg/h 33.2 68.4 100 135 202 273.6
Natural Gas Consumption Nm3/h 37.5 76.6 114 151.2 230 308
Coal Gas Consumption Nm3/h 92.1 184.2 245 328 490 650
Power V/Hz 380/50
Steam Outlet mm DN50 DN80 DN80 DN80 DN100 DN100
Water Inlet mm DN25 DN25 DN32 DN32 DN40 DN50
Drain mm DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50
Chimney mm φ 200 φ 300 φ 350 φ 350 φ 400 φ 450
Length mm 2492 2850 3280 3922 4300 4980
Width mm 1363 1600 2150 2260 2530 2430
Height mm 1662 2000 2290 2300 2480 2740
Weight t 1.95/2.5 4.4/5.2/5.8 7.6/8.0 8.28/9.48 9.26/10.3 16.6/17.04

Layout Drawing of Oil & Gas Fired Steam Boiler


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