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Joint venture to develop pellet plants in Vietnam

PHI Group Inc., a company focused on energy and natural resources,
recently announced that it has signed a memoranda of understanding with
two Vietnam-based wood processing companies to set up joint venture wood
pellet factories in Central and Southern Vietnam.

Both wood processing companies have been in operation since the early
2000’s and have access to large, sustainable quality sources of raw
materials for wood pellet manufacturing. The initial proposed combined
capacities for the joint venture wood pellet plants are scheduled for
400,000 metric tons per year. PHI Group intends to own a minimum of 51
percent equity interest in each the contemplated joint venture

The demand for wood pellets is primarily in Europe, Japan and Korea
where carbon-reduction requirements are driving power utilities —
particularly coal-fired power plants — to mix more wood pellets into
their fuel supply. Under current targets, many European countries will
be required to generate 35 percent or more of their electrical power
from renewable sources by 2020. Western European demand for wood pellets
is expected to triple by that time.

Henry Fahman, chairman and CEO of PHI Group, Inc., said, “We are
pleased to cooperate with the wood processing companies in Vietnam and
their management team, both of which have a long history of operational,
marketing and technical excellence. We believe the combined strengths
of our joint ventures will create superior added value for all the
shareholders and stakeholders.”


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