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5KW Biomass Gasification Power Generation

Biomass Gasifier is our new renewable product which can generate clean and useful gas with the materials of agrowastes and wood wastes, This machine has no smoke and tar taste whe ...
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Biomass Gasifier is our new renewable product which can generate clean and useful gas with the materials of agrowastes and wood wastes, This machine has no smoke and tar taste when working, can feed in raw material  continuously. New type gasifier is used to warm home, bathing and cooking by burning stalk, rice husk, wheat straw, leaves and branches and other agro wastes with low cost and high efficiency.

Due to the rapid increase in the need of energy source, more people start to become interested in Renewable & Eco-friendly Energy especially for agricultural countries.

Biomass material requirement

Suitable to all kinds of biomass material. Requirements for material:
(1)Humidity of the raw material<20%.
(2)Raw material size <20mm.If not satisfy, needs to crush and dry first.

Advantage Features of Biomass Gasifier

1.New design, advanced technology, scientific and compact structure, high efficiency, simple  operation.
2.Only 2 minutes to generate gas. And it takes 8-12 minutes to boil 4.5kgs water  same as the natural gas.
3.Feeding raw material, generating gas, using gas can realize simultaneously.
4.Good cleaning device to control the tar content, ash content, water content and  guarantee the gas clean and good.
5.The occupy area is not over 1 square meter. Gasifying efficiency can get to 70%. The heat  value of gas is 4600-5200KJ/m3.
6. And we can design the suitable power according to customer’s electricity situation.

Raw Material of Biomass Gasification Power Generation Plant

Any type of Agro-Forestry waste can be used. Groundnut shell, Sugarcane residue, Caster Shells/Stalk, Saw dust, Coffee Husk, Paddy Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Cotton Stalks, Tobacco waste, Mustard Stalk, Jute waste, Bamboo Dust, Tea waste, Wheat Straw, Palm husk, Soybeans husk, Rice Husks, Forestry wastes, Waste paper, Cardboard, Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

Technical Parameter of Biomass Gasification Power Generation Plant

Model Gas output Gas calorific value Efficiency Draught fan Power Material Generator
  ( m3/h) consumption Power
RGS-10A 5-10 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V50H
RGS-20 15-20 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V50Hz
8-10KG/H 5kw
RGS-30 25-30 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V50Hz
15-18KG/H 10kw
(Fixed bed)
50m3/h 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V/380V 25-40KG/H 15KW
(Fluidized bed )
50m3/h 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V/380V 25-40KG/H 15KW

Working Video of Biomass Gasifier

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