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Michelin schedules natural gas testing

BRIDGEWATER – By early December 2014, all three Michelin Canada manufacturing sites in Nova Scotia will be fueling their boilers with natural gas.

“This changeover to natural gas is significant for Michelin Canada,” said Grant Ferguson, President, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. in a release.

“We are doing this for three very solid reasons: it’s clean energy and good for the environment with a reduction in CO2 emissions, it helps us manage our energy costs, and it allows us to remain competitive within our industry.”

During the days leading up to November 17, natural gas commissioning will take place at the Michelin Bridgewater plant. Each of the province’s three plants has a newly constructed natural gas decompression station, which will be eventually connected to the site’s boiler room once commissioning is completed.

Meanwhile, the company is notifying the community to be aware that during the first three weeks of November, the Bridgewater plant will undergo audible alarm tests and connection tests, when temporary flare stacks are put in place to ensure safe gas flow.

“During this time, a flame may be visible to the public from a flare stack,” said the release.

“However, this is a common procedure during commissioning, and will follow industry standards.”

Michelin Bridgewater is scheduled to begin commissioning compressed natural gas during the week of November 17.


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