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Monadelphous delivers on major shut-down at Kwinana

Monadelphous delivers on major shut-down at Kwinana

Monadelphous has just completed a major shut-down at the Kwinana Cogeneration Plant, south of Perth, involving the upgrade, repair and inspection of hardware and equipment. The shut-down included a major upgrade of its gas turbine, which now stands as the most powerful 6B gas turbine in the region using a 24K and T-Fire upgrade, as recognised by General Electric.

The plant comprises of a General Electric (GE) Frame Six Gas Turbine, with an Alstom Electrical Generator and a heat recovery steam generator. The plant produces steam and electrical power – supplying the steam and power to industry, and electricity to the homes of West Australians.

Monadelphous has operated and maintained the plant since 2011, after the acquisition and integration of asset management company Pearl Street Energy Services, which was renamed Monadelphous Energy Services Pty Ltd.

This is the fifth shutdown Monadelphous has performed since acquiring the contract, however this latest shutdown is the largest and most complex, involving more than ten different contractors working simultaneously as one team to ensure the tight schedule was met.

The major shutdown commenced in April and was completed in 28 days. It involved stripping the gas turbine, removing the turbine rotor and upgrading the hardware across the turbine to the GE 24K T-Fire specification. This was undertaken upon recommendation and in collaboration with GE. Some repairs and alterations were made throughout this outage to include weld repairs and alignment moves, to bring the turbine and generator within the recommended specifications, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the facility.


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