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Potsdam outdoor wood boiler law again delayed pending revisions

OTSDAM — The proposed law concerning outdoor wood boilers in the town
was delayed again Wednesday, after the Town Council heard public
comment from citizens about enforcement and permit requirements and
decided to revise the law further.

During the public
hearing, citizens voiced complaints about costs related to existing
boilers. According to the proposed law, residents who own boilers must
buy a permit if the boilers were installed before 2005.

public concerns, Councilman James A. Grant argued that existing boilers
should be exempt from permit requirements, suggesting instead that they
be registered with the town at no cost to owners.

by a citizen how the town would handle complaints about boilers, Town
Supervisor Marie C. Regan, who said the town has not had many complaints
recently, said the code enforcement officer will check complaints in
person, notifying the state Department of Environmental Conservation of
any violations.

She said the law is meant to help code
enforcement locate and monitor the boilers, ensuring they are not a
public nuisance and don’t threaten the health or safety of residents.
She reminded the public that state law supersedes the local law, which
is intended to work with DEC regulations, so offenders can be reported
to DEC.

“It’s their job to oversee this,” Mrs. Regan said. “It’s their law; they have to enforce it.”

response to comments, the board decided to table the law. Councilwoman
Rosemaria Rivezzi and Mr. Grant will the revise the law to exclude
permit requirements and costs.

The revised law instead will require boilers be registered with the town free of charge.

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