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Wood Log Fired Steam Boilers


Wood log is easy to find fuel for boiler, our wood log boiler is with long chamber and large fuel inlet , which allow large wood log to get in. This wood log boiler can also use wood waste, wood chip, sawdust and coal as fuel. It is an idea steam equipment.

Product Feature

  1. Advanced Structure: Boiler is single drum-type quick assembly three pass fire and water tube boiler, with large heating surface and high thermal efficiency;
  2. Compact design: Boiler has advantages of compact structure, the reasonable water cycle design, and quick start;
  3. Advanced chain grate: The advanced chain grates assure reliable operating, less coal missing and energy-saving also reduce installation and maintenance workload of the grate; using a long arch, increasing the effective area of grate, good coal adaptability and fuel burning fully;
  4. High efficiency: Grate with reasonable combustion air distributor makes fuel burning fully and improves machine efficiency;
  5. High quality steam: steam drying degree of 96% or more;
  6. High intelligent control: The boilers have the pressure, temperature, water and other multi-chain security control; a highdegree of mechanization, simple and convenient operating;


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