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Chain Grate Wood Pellet Boilers


The Advantages of Wood Pellet Boilers

Industrial horizontal wood pellet boiler is one of biomass fired boilers used wood pellet as fuel to produce heat. wood pellets are considered to be carbon neutral, as the C02 produced when burnt is countered by the amount absorbed by the plant during its lifetime, since they are either grown from sustainable woodlands or manufactured using wood waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. It is not significant savings on fuel costs, but also a reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Why Do Clients Rely on Romiter Wood Pellet Boilers?

For customers Romiter offers Industrial horizontal wood pellet fired boiler, designed for production of high pressure steam and hot water. According to customer needs such wood pellet fired boiler may be employed as heat or steam sources for various industrial processes and district heating. Operation of equipment is fully automated and it does not require additional personnel. Romiter manufactured boilers has a high efficiency rate which ranges from 85% to 90%. The equipment may be used for both dry and up to 15% moist fuel. We offer a complete range (2ton -20ton) of wood pellet fired boilers for industrial market. These allow us to cover a project range of up to 20ton capacity. As a single source supplier of wood pellet fired boiler since 1945, Romiter always provides the optimize proposals and optimal equipment for the clients with the suitable price. Decades of exporting experience has shipped Romiter wood pellet fired boilers to varies countries such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Congo,Tanzania, the Unite State , Russia , UAE, Thailand etc.

Fuel requirements
available for both dry and up to 15% moist fuel.
The maximum size of biomass should no greater than 30mm.

Pressure:1.0 MP, 1.25 MP, 1.6MP,2.5MP ,etc

Capacity for steam boiler :2t, 3t, 4t, 6t 8t, 10t,12t,14t,16t,18t,20t,etc.

Heat output for hot water boiler

1.4MW,2.1MW,2.8MW,4.2MW,5.6MW,7MW,8.4MW,10.5MW,14MW,17.5MW,21MW, 24.5MW ,etc


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