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Plate Heat Exchanger

plate heat exchanger

Advantage Feature of Plate Heat Exchanger

  1. High heat transfer coefficient: special corrugated design , make the fluid product strong turbulence, and the turbulence help to Prevent the formation of fouling,  which make the heat transfer coefficient is 3-5 times than shell and tube heat exchanger
  2. Economical: lower investment , working cost and maintenance cost than shell and tube heat exchanger
  3. Adjustable plate number: only need to increase or reduce the number of the plate to meet the need of working situation change.
  4. Compact structure: space occupation is 1/2-1/3  of shell and tube heat exchanger.
  5. Easy to maintain and wash

How to Select a Suitable Plate Heat Exchanger

  1. Physical property parameter of cold and hot medium.:PH, Chlorine content, viscosity, density, heat conductivity coefficient, specific heat.
  2. Inlet and outlet temperature of cold and hot medium
  3. Rate of flow of cold and hot or one of them
  4. The pressure loss requirement of cold and hot medium.
  5. Plate heat exchanger inherent characteristic, plate material, sealant gasket material.


  1. Refrigeration: condenser and evaporimeter
  2. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning( HVAC ): match with boiler to exchanger heat and high-rise buildings heat exchanger
  3. Chemical industry: soda industry, synthesis ammonia, alcoholic fermentation, resin composite cooling.
  4. Metallurgical industry: Aluminater water heat or cooling,
  5. Engineering industry: quench bath cooling, lubric oil cooling of reducer, etc.
  6. Electric power industry
  7. Paper industry
  8. Textile industry
  9. Food industry
  10. Lipidic processing
  11. Centralized heating
  12. Oil, pharmaceutic, ship,sea water desalination, Utilization of geothermal energy

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