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Vaccum Gas/Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers


Product Features of Vaccum Oil or Gas Hot Water Boilers

  1. Vacuum hot water boiler in the lower part of the structure formed by the combustion chamber and heat transfer tubes; on the part of the vacuum chamber, which inserts the U-line tube bundle heat exchanger
  2. The overall state of the boiler to run at negative pressure to ensure absolute safety.
  3. The furnace heat medium in a closed vacuum chamber for heat exchange, heat exchange efficiency, energy saving significant; Boiler for long life; Small size, can be installed in a variety of environments; automatic control of water temperature, record the burning time and run Failure;Can use for heating and hot water.

Working Principle of Vaccum Oil or Gas Hot Water Boilers

Vaccum Gas Heating Hot Water Boilers

Vaccum Hot Water Boiler Parameter Table


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