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Water Tube Oil/Gas Fired Steam Generators


Water tube oil or gas fired steam generators / steam boilers are skided mounted boiler, which are easy for transportation and installation. Water tube steam generators adopt water coil structure in the boiler with fast steam production time,  from the turn on of boiler to steam creation, it just need 3 minutes. Water tube boiler is an idea steam equipment for saving energy and uncontinuous working condition.

Advantage Feature of Water Tube Oil & Gas Steam Boilers

  1. Advanced structure: Equipped with water tube structure, small volume and capacity, high safety, easy operation and easy for maintenance.
  2. High efficiency: Fast start, steam can be get in 15minutes, energy saving, thermal efficiency can reach >92%
  3. Unique fins: shaped designed to facilitate absorption of heat. Besides, the discharge of smoke meets the national standard.
  4. Safety operation:  equipped with multiple safety control system of pressure, temperature and water level.
  5. High quality steam:  the dryness of high quality steam is above 96%
  6. Europe brand burner:  adopt Italy brand Balture or Riello to make combustion fully. Auto fire detection, which can stop working and warn when fire distinguishes.

Safety Technology of Water Tube Oil & Gas Steam Boilers

  • Water leakage protection: when the boiler leak water, the water level control will feedback signal to the control, the control unit will cut off the circuit and avoid damage, at the same time, the control unit begin the water leakage alarm.
  • Pressure protection:  when the pressure in the boiler reach rated pressure, the pressure control unit feedback signal to the control unit, the control unit will cutoff the circuit and avoids overpressure.
  • Overpressure protection: when the boiler pressure beyond the rated pressure and reach the top
    pressure, the safety valve open and release steam to reduce pressure. when the boiler pressure beyond the rated pressure and reach the top pressure, the safety valve open and release steam to reduce pressure.


Technical Parameter Table of Water Tube Oil & Gas Steam Boilers

Model LSS0.2 LSS0.3 LSS0.5 LSS0.75 LSS1.0
Rated steam capacity Kg/h 200 300 500 750 1000
Heating surface M2 5.26 6.82 10.26 14.9 18.24
Rated steam pressure MPa 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7/1.0
Rated steam temperature oC 170 170 170 170 184
Thermal efficiency % ≥89 ≥88 ≥90 ≥89 ≥91
Fuel Light oil, natural gas Light oil, natural gas, heavy oil
Fuel consumption Light kg/h 13 19.5 32.4 48.6 68.2
Heavy oil kg/h 14.25 24 40 55.5 74
Natural Gas N 16 23 38.2 57.3 79.9
Feed water calibre DN mm G3/4″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G1″ G1″
Steam outlet calibre mm 40 40 40 50 50
Blow off calibre mm 40 40 40 40 40
Safety valve calibre mm G11/2″ G11/2″ G11/2″ G11/2″ DN40
Smoke calibre External Diameter mm φ250 φ250 φ300 φ300 φ300
Specificaiton Weight Kg 1050 1200 1350 1466 1850
Length mm 1300 1300 1500 1550 1850
Width mm 1450 1450 1600 1650 1850+750
Height mm 2100 2300 2600 3000 3150

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