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Biomass Melting Furnace

Biomass Aluminium Melting Furnace

What is Biomass Pellet Aluminum Melting Furnace Our Biomass Pellet Aluminum Melting Furnace is one-piece Crucible Furnace with burning, melting and thermal insulation, pe ...
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What is Biomass Pellet Aluminum Melting Furnace

Our Biomass Pellet Aluminum Melting Furnace is one-piece Crucible Furnace with burning, melting and thermal insulation, perfect design, high degree automation with a number of patents. Mainly used in melting or smelting aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, cadmium and other low-melting-point non-ferrous metals and alloys, perfect supporting the use of die-cast machine; also can be used for liquid aluminum insulation, degassing, refining. With advantage of high acceptance by operators, environmental friendly, low operating cost, simple operation and maintenance, saving 30-60% of fuel costs than the traditional fuels oil, gas and electricity.


Widely supporting use of die-cast machine and aluminum plant, apply to melting and thermal insulation of industrial aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, cadmium and other low-melting-point non-ferrous metals , also be used for melting and precipitation of waste aluminum, industrial aluminum and a variety of metal scrap.

Operation Principle

Biomass wood pellet by automatically feeding into the burning chamber, burning produces high-temperature gas. Some combustible components are produced in this process, such as H2, CH4, CnHm, Co. They are complete combustion in the high temperature chamber with sufficient oxygen, then release heating energy to heat the crucible. The high temperature gas will is lead to the middle and upper part of the crucible when it is heating the bottom, to make heating more uniform, better thermal insulation of aluminum liquid and heat utilization high efficiency.

Configuration and Performance

  • Operative fuel: 6-10mm wood pellet
  • Chamber temperature: less than 1200℃
  • Crucible capacity: 300kg, 500kg, 800kg Flame Control: size of fire can be set
  • Feeding system: automatic/manual Damper adjustment: automatic/manual
  • Ignition system: automatic/manual Control system: PLC
  • Melted time: 3-4 hours in the first pot, 2 hours from the second
  • Other features: inspection window in hopper, replaceable circle observation port in chamber, emergency shops, operation mode switching.

Advantage of Biomass Aluminum Melting Furnace

1. High acceptance by operators, good working environment

Biomass pellet aluminum melting furnace overall use of human design, according to the workers’ needs and design practice, and with the mechanical arm to use; furnace surface using metal coatings, low temperature, greatly improve worker acceptance; unique internal structure of ash, cleaning simple and easy to operate.

2. Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, safe

Aluminum melting furnace using biomass solid fuel, raw materials used sawdust, shavings, wood, trees, tree branches and other plant waste machined repression, burning smokeless, odorless, clean environment, and its sulfur, nitrogen, ash content is much lower than burning coal and oil.

3. High efficiency, fire quick and cost savings

Device uses a unique direct-fired semi-gasification combustion, and is equipped with adjustable swirl combustion air inlet mixing, big heating area, reducing the slag discharge; lining new energy, waste heat recovery systems designed to significantly improve the thermal efficiency, save 30%-60% cost compared to traditional fuel oil(gas),
electric heating, etc.

4. Good Insulation properties

5. Easy to clean recycled aluminum liquid leak

Equipment using split design, the base can be separated from the main furnace. In case the aluminum liquid leak, can get it out from the base removed. It is quickly and easily.

6. Unique feeding system design, Anti-blockage, Anti-backfire

7. PLC control and VFD control of feeder and blower

Feeding ratio, air supply are dual frequency conversion control technology, requires a comprehensive response to various combustion operation digitized, According to the actual needs of the combustion temperature, the flexibility and freedom to set temperature, set intelligent.

8. Automatic alarm system

9. High-quality accessories, stable performance electronic control system

10. Nice appearance, good design and practical

Nice appearance, color coordination and compact design, carefully making, with metal paint spraying, frame welding with lifting holes for easy lifting equipment and maintenance.

11. Unique functions and dust cleaning the internal structure, cleaning is simple and easy to operate.


Technical Date of Wood Pellet

  1. Diameter:Φ6-8mm
  2. Length:10mm-30mm
  3. Ash: less than 2%
  4. Calorific value: 4300kcal/kg-4500kcal/kg
  5. Moisture content: less than 7%

Parameter Table of Biomass Fired Aluminium Melting Furnace

Model Ability to melt Value of melt Adapter presser Power Outline Dimension
RM-300 100kg/h 300kg 180T-350T 0.75kw 1800 1760 1700
RM-500 150kg/h 500kg 350T-500T 0.75kw 1850 1810 1700
RM-800 180kg/h 800kg 500T-630T 1.3kw 2150 2050 1900


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