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Energy Saving Biomass Pellet Fired Aluminium Melting Furnace

Romiter Machinery’s new biomass pellet melting aluminum insulation furnace combining the molten aluminum technology, mainly used for melting or melting aluminum, zinc, lead, ...
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Romiter Machinery’s new biomass pellet melting aluminum insulation furnace combining the molten aluminum technology, mainly used for melting or melting aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, cadmium and other low melting non-ferrous metal and alloy, Generally with die casting machine, also can be used in liquid aluminum insulation, degassing, refined. With high efficiency and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection, operation simple maintenance, is the alternative fuel, gas, coke oven, electric stove in the best products, can help enterprises reduce 30%-60% of the energy consumption costs.


Biomass Pellets

Biomass Pellets are made from natural wood or agri-waste. They are dry and usually have less than 10% moisture. A fine wood substance is compressed through a cylinder which can then disintegrate. The cylinders are small at 10cm diameter and the concentrated compression makes them very dense; this factor leads them to have one of the best energy efficiency ratings when compared to other fuels.

Working Process of Pellet Aluminium Melting Furnace

Biomass pellets working principle and process is same with traditional gas , electricity, oil fired aluminium melting furnace. Customer can add aluminium material and get melting aluminium melting furnace at same time.


Specification of Wood Pellet Aluminum Melting Furnace

  • Aluminum Capacity: 300kg/batch
  • Melting Capacity Per Day: 2ton/day
  • Max Temperature: 1300 centigrade
  • Furnace Size: 2250*1600*950
  • Weight: 3500kg
  • Full Powder Working Pellet Consumption: 35kg/h
  • Average Wood Pellet Consumption: 20kg/h
  • Pellet Hopper Size: 900*700*750
  • Hopper Fuel Weight: 180kg
  • Power: 1.12kw

Working Video of Pellet Aluminium Melting Furnace

Advantage Feature of Pellet Aluminium Melting Furnace

  1. Environment friendly: no smoke, clean and renewable. The sulfur content , ash content, nitrogen content is very lower than carbon and oil. Biomass fuel can realize zero emission, which is called “Green-coal”
  2. Low cost:  the cost for using biomass pellet is very low than oil. Help factory save a lot of investment and reduce cost. The biomass pellets fired aluminum melting furnace cost is just 1/2 oil fired aluminum melting furnace or 1/3 electric heating aluminum melting furnace.
  3. High efficient: Romiter Machinery aluminium melting furnace is work as traditional furnace , the top is ok, this will waste a lot of energy. We set our special heat recovery device on the top to recovery these energy, this will help this aluminium melting furnace to improve at least 5% thermal efficiency and make the aluminium melting faster
  4. Pellet is easy to transport: compressed biomass fuel as pellet, which makes the fuel easy transport, high calorific value and easy to store.
  5. Safety Operation:  New brusque material, automatic constant temperature, failure warning, easy to operation and can operate with mechanical hand.

Parameter Table of Pellet Aluminium Melting Furnace

Model Ability to melt Value of melt Adapter presser Power Outline Dimension
RM-300 100kg/h 300kg 180T-350T 0.75kw 1800 1760 1700
RM-500 150kg/h 500kg 350T-500T 0.75kw 1850 1810 1700
RM-800 180kg/h 800kg 500T-630T 1.3kw 2150 2050 1900


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Romiter Group concentrating on supply high efficient and high intelligent boiler for customer. Main products include wood pellet hot water boilers, wood pellet steam boiler, wood pellet burner, coal fired thermal oil heater, diesel oil fired thermal oil heaters, biomass steam generator(wood dust, corncob, bagasse, rice husk, palm kernel shell), coal fired hot air generator, wood pellet hot air furnace, electric steam generator, coal fired steam generator, coal water slurry steam generator, diesel oil or gas steam generator, thermal oil steam generators, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

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