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Coal Water Slurry Fuel(CWSF)


Nowadays, technology of China coal water slurry fuel has
been regarded as an advanced application technology for energy
development as well as a firstly developing clean-coal-technology in
coal industry.

Coal water slurry fuel, or CWSF, is a
viscous, heavy liquid fuel that is produced by mixing grounded coal,
water and chemical additives. CWSF can be stored, pumped and burned as a
substitute for oil or gas in properly modified furnaces or boilers. I
responded that I actually don’t know much about it.  From a quick read
just now, it sounds like a great improvement over the dirtiest forms of
coal. The claim is that the presence of water in CWSF reduces harmful
emissions into the atmosphere.

CWSF burns cleaner than coal, and
is free of coal dust or the danger of spontaneous combustion and has a
combustion thermal efficiency similar to oil or gas. We have since
upgraded it and integrated the ash removal system as well as the ability
to accurately measure the ratio of Coal/Water/Oil. We are very excited
about this product and see it as the driving force of the company
coupled with biodiesel production and the NT Plasmatron for syngas

Our efforts are focused right now on the quickest
path to sustainable revenue and the corporate focus has been in this
type of fuel production.


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