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Fluid Hot Oil Heater

For more than twenty years, the fluid oil thermal oil boiler has found the wide application in textile printing and dyeing, chemical industry, artificial leather, building mateiral industries. However, its high return oil temperature with 200 ~ 250℃ causes the high funnel temperature of boiler. In general, it reaches 300 ~ 350℃ . Thus a large amount of calorific capacity is exhausted into atomosphere. In the time when energy shortage is a very serious problem and the price of energy rises in the world, energy saving and environmental protection is the urgent needs for sustained development in many countries.

Organic heat carrier furnace heat ( referred to as waste heat boiler ) is the industrial production has not been fully utilized and the waste heat of flue gas as heat source ( mainly composed of carbon, metallurgy, machinery, chemical and other industries a variety of furnace exhaust gas and an internal combustion engine, the exhaust of the gas turbine and so on ), thermal oil as heat carrier, the heat pump forced circulation, the heat transfer to the heat equipment, then return to the heating energy efficient heating equipment. Make full use of waste heat, but also makes full use of the two energy, is a good energy-saving method. Especially for the current energy shortage situation, have its reality sense more, there are broad prospects.

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