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High efficiency energy saving green biomass hot water boiler

In recent years, with the increasingly need for fossil fuel, the
energy supply has been a big challenge in the world. As we all know, the
coal, oil and some other fossil fuels are non-renewable resources or
some may need hundreds or thousands of years to generate again, thus to
save energy is a must thing under the severe conditions.

High efficiency, energy saving green boiler

Biomass energy, such as forest and agriculture waste (distillers grains,
herbal waste, brewery spent grain, chaff, de-oiled bran, coffee
grounds, rice husk, cotton stalk, mustard stalk, saw dust, etc.) are
ideal renewable and clean energy for green biomass boiler.

Hot water boilers are used where hot water is needed. Therefore, biomass hot water boilers manufactured by ZG are used as generators to produce hot water in many
different application areas, for example, hospitals, schools, hotels,
sports centers, public spa, swimming pools, other leisure facilities,

Biomass Fired Hot Water Boilers

Constant quality wins permanent trust

Romiter Machinery is committed to being a leading boiler manufacturer in improving efficiency and reducing energy waste. We always adhere to
one belief “constant quality wins permanent trust”, we adopt good
quality materials, professional staffs to manufacture great quality
boiler with focused attitude. We will spare no effort to support our
customers to meet challenges and develop long-term relationships.

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