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Intertek fuel quality testing helps protect vital standby power generators

Intertek company is a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, provides stored fuel quality testing to institutions, hospitals, offices, schools, companies, government agencies, data centers, and other clients who depend upon emergency back-up power from on-site fuel generators.

Quality control testing of stored fuels used for mission-critical back-up power generators is provided by Intertek fuel labs. The fuel is evaluated for quality and potential degradation to help ensure the fuel is ready for use as needed, when needed.

With Hurricane season underway in the USA and the ongoing potential for major storms, tornadoes, lightning, blackouts, brownouts, and other disruptive events, checking stored fuel reliability is an important part of any back-up power generation maintenance program.

Intertek standby generator fuel testing is available for a range of liquid and gaseous fuels, including diesel, fuel oil, boiler fuel, biofuel, blended fuel, natural gas, LPG, and many other fuel types. Stored fuel sampling and testing is recommended to help ensure proper back-up generator readiness and reliability.

Power grids fail for a many reasons, including wind, rain, floods, accidents, power surges, infrastructure failure, and solar flares. Ensuring standby power generators are ready to work when needed is important for continued operations, safety, and reliability. Stored fuel used for back-up power generation can degrade over time, making it prudent to have the fuel tested for reliability and quality on a regular basis.

Standby generator fuel quality and stability testing includes physical, chemical, and biological properties analysis, including haze, water content, microbes, sediment, contamination, corrosivity, and other quality control tests conforming to ASTM and other accepted industry standards for measuring fuel quality and readiness-for-use.


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