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Pressure container functions and working principle

It is well known in the chemical production activities, we will use a variety of chemicals, of course, the use of these materials is inseparable from the device. Today we’ll take a look at the use of pressure container, to understand its function and work under the principle, which helps us to better use the device. Here and small series together to understand it!

When the external pressure of the water in the expansion tank into the balloon, the seal is compressed in the tank in the nitrogen gas in accordance with Boyle’s law, the volume of gas is compressed by the pressure rise becomes smaller, until the gas pressure in the expansion tank with water stop the water pressure to reach consensus. Expansion when the water pressure to reduce the pressure loss of the gas tank pressure is greater than water, in which case the ball sac gas expands to fill the water out of the system until the gas pressure and water pressure reaches again consistent stop drainage.

Pressure container for the system to buffer the water pressure fluctuations and some role in the thermodynamic system is mainly used to absorb the working medium temperature changes due to the increase in the volume of that part; in the water supply system is mainly due to absorption system valves, pumps, water hammer shock caused by opening and closing, as well as a small amount of water so that the water supply system at night the main pump Sleep reducing electricity and prolong pump life.

This article is mainly to introduce the spray tank pressure function, which we have a certain understanding of its use. There are known spray pressure tank works, hope that our presentation to help everyone, we will in the future to give us more information, please support us!


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