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Solar Steam Boiler Helps Make The World Greener

Solar Steam Boiler Helps Make The World Greener

Want to go green? There are many ways to do so, and driving an electric vehicle is definitely one of them. Having said that, with electric vehicles
being touted to be the future, it would be prudent to figure out a
reliable and eco-friendly method to generate electricity. While solar
panels have been seen by many to be the answer, there is always the
issue concerning cloudy places as well as the rainy season, not to
mention we get a fair number of hours of night each day on average.
Brenmiller Energy, a leading thermosolar company, decided to harness the
sun’s energy in a better way, through the use of the sun’s heat instead
of its light.

Being different from standard
photovoltaic cells which will convert photon energy directly into
electricity, Brenmiller’s use of the sun’s heat would mean using
parabolic mirrors in order to concentrate the sun’s rays on a smaller
patch, and the heat that could reach approximately 500 degrees C/932 F
would then be used to create steam, which in turn moves the turbines to
generate electricity.

Not new at all, but at least this system can store some of that heat
which is generated and would be called upon whenever dusk falls, or the
sun turns out to be shy and would like to hide behind some clouds. This
result in a fully stabilized steam supply which theoretically speaking,
is available 24 hours per day.


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