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Why Biomass Pellet Fuel Instead of Coal

As a useful and renewable
energy, biomass pellet fuel is gradually accepted and adopted by people
from a wide range of countries. They use
biomass pellet machines to process agricultural waste or municipal solid waste into a clean and
renewable energy. This also leaves a question to us – is it really
better to use biomass pellets than coal? What benefits can biomass
pellets bring to us? Now let’s talk about this issue of concern.

biomass fuelbiomass fuel 2
Burning biomass pellet fuel (left) and coal pollution (right)

A comparison between biomass pellets and coal in fuel properties is a
good way to find solutions to the question. In general, the diameter of
biomass pellets is usually 6 – 10 mm, and the length less than 50 mm,
with a density similar to pea coal and slack coal, which makes it a lot
easier to store and transport. An analysis has been conducted by
insiders several years ago. According to the analysis, some data are as

+ There is very little difference between the density of biomass pellets and that of coal.
+ The sulfur content of biomass pellets is only 1/10 of that of coal.
+ The ash content of biomass pellets is about 1/7 – 1/3 of that of coal.
+ Biomass pellet fuel has a higher burnout rate than coal.
+ The volatile component of biomass pellets is about 3 times more than coal.
+ Biomass pellets have a heating value of around 4,000 kcal/kg, which is
lower than anthracite coal’s 7,000 kcal/kg, but similar to lignite’s.

From these data we can easily reach the conclusion that biomass pellets
are more environmentally friendly due to very low sulfur content, while
the combustion effect can rival coal and other fossil fuels.

Some people may question about the cost of burning biomass pellet fuel.
Based on 2013 China market, biomass pellets are quite a little higher
than coal in heat price per unit, but much lower than piped natural gas,
fuel oil, diesel fuel, and electricity. Besides, governments in many
countries have added more restrictions to coal-fired stoves to reduce
pollution from coal burning, therefore the hidden environmental costs of
coal will be much higher than burning biomass pellets. Last but not
least, the raw materials for biomass pellet machines are much easier to
attain than coal, so people can make pellet fuel with biomass pellet
machines by themselves, which will help save a lot of money.

The answer is clear now. If you are searching for a
high-combustion-efficiency and low-pollution-treatment-cost energy,
biomass pellet fuel and biomass pellet machines will be your best

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