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300kg/h Stainless Steel Shell Electric Steam Boilers


LDR series Electrical Heating Steam Feeding Device is a steam-producing device. It is made up of container, control group, water-feeding pump, electrical heating pipe groupware, liquid level controller, relief valve, and etc, and it can control its course automatically. This device turns the water in the container into high-pressure steam by the electrical heating pipe groupware.

Advantage Feature of Electric Steam Boiler

  1. High thermal efficiency: > 98%.
  2. Long lifespan seamless stainless steel heating pipe: Our product passed the test of 10000 hours continuously working. Normal standard is 3000 hours.
  3. High quality electric component: Schneider electric control components ensure the stability and good performance.
  4. High intelligent PLC control: Siemens PLC control system with more intelligent function.
  5. High electrical conductivity: Pure cope electric wire and connector.
  6. High quality boiler material :12mm thickness boiler steel container.
  7. Beautiful appearance: Stainless steel wire drawing cover, beautiful appearance, can be used in hospital, school, restaurant, laundry .etc.

Extension Function of Electric Steam Boilers

  1. Universalinterfacewith convenient monitoring way:Equiped with PROBRS-DP interface and response software, operation and load change data realize centralized monitoring and distance monitoring.
  2. Advanced boiler network: Boiler network can be built with automatic load change to control the stop and run of many boiler.
  3. Human-computerinteractiontouch screen: set parameter and supervise operation condition, include alarm and work form change of boiler, is available , supervise item is selectablefor install


Manufacture and Operation of Electric Steam Boilers

Main equipments:

  •   The container is made of high quality seamless steel tube and armor plate for pressure vessel.
  •   The electrical heating pipe is made of stainless steel tube. Once destroyed, you can replace it singly.
  •   Water-feeding pump is able to endure high temperature.
  •   We use a pressure controller on the device, in order to control the pressure of the steam.
  •    We also use a liquid level controller, in order to control the level of the water.

Auatomatic Operation:

  • Water feeding automatically
  • Pressure control automatically
  • Safety pressure control automatically
  • Protect itself without water feeding
  • Protect itself when pressure beyond range  

Electric Steam Boiler Connection Drawing

electric steam boiler connection drawing

Parameter Table of Electric Steam Boiler

Model Steam Output Kg/h Rated Power KW  Current Electric Cable Paramete Outline Dimension mm Weight Kg Steam outlet Valve Dia.DN Blown Down Valve Dia.DN Water Inlet Valve Dia.DN
LDR0.27-0.7 270 192 290 3*120+2(Copper Cable) 1000*1000*1800 520 40 40 25
LDR0.30-0.7 300 216 328 3*150+2(Copper Cable) 1000*1000*1800 520 40 40 25
LDR0.34-0.7 340 240 364 3*185+2(Copper Cable) 1000*1000*1800 520 40 40 25
LDR0.4-0.7 400 288 436 3*240+2(Copper Cable) 1000*1000*1800 520 40 40 25
LDR0.5-0.7 500 360 545 Double 3*120+2(Copper Cable) 1200*1200*2000 680 40 40 25
LDR0.6-0.7 600 432 655 Double 3*120+2(Copper Cable) 1200*1200*2000 680 40 40 25


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