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Small Water Volume Coil Tube Steam Generators

Small Water Volume Coil Tube Steam Generators is manufactured by one coil pipe. The water in the pipe absorb the heat and create steam. The bottom of coil tube steam generator is equipped with gas or oil burner. The burner create heat and the gas exhaust from the top flue gas outlet.


Advantage Feature


  1. 3minutes to produce steam: from the start of burner to the steam produce, coil tube boiler only need 3 minutes, Other fire tube boiler will need 30-40 minutes.
  2. High efficiency: the emission smoke temperature is only 110 centigrade; other coil tube steam generator smoke temperature is 250 centigrade. This makes our coil tube steam generator efficiency is 5%-6% higher than normal fire tube boiler.
  3. Full Variable Frequency Control: according the steam consumption condition, coil tube boiler control system will adjust the burner working and water feeding, this will makes the boiler efficiency higher.


Parameter Table


Model RMS0.4-1.0-YQ RMS0.5-1.0-YQ RMS0.6-1.0-YQ
Rated Steam Capacityt/h 0.4 0.5 0.6
Rated Steam Pressurekg/cm2 10
Rated Steam Temperature(℃) 184
Thermal Efficiency% Gas 92%Oil 90%
Gas ConsumptionNm3/h 30 37 45
Water VolumeL 26 26 26
Weightkg 1150 1250 1350
Length*Width*Height (mm) 2100×1200×1920 2100×1200×1920 2100×1200×1920



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