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10t Fire Tube Gas Boiler

A fire-tube gas fired boiler is a type of boiler in
which hot gases from a fire pass through one or more tubes running
through a sealed container of water. The heat of the gases is
transferred through the walls of the tubes by thermal conduction,
heating the water and ultimately creating steam.


10t gas fire tube boiler features

Our superior three-pass and wet-back designs are the standard for 10t gas fire-tube boilers.
Advances in heat transfer technology provides for greater performance
characteristics within a reasonable price as well. City gas, coke oven
gas, LPG, natural gas are available for 10t gas fired fire tube boiler.
horizontal gas fired fire-tube boiler is typical of marine applications, heating for hotels, schools, and buildings.

Fire tube gas boiler manufacturer

Romiter Machinery is a professional manufacturer of gas fired boiler, no matter the gas water tube boiler or the gas fire tube boiler are manufactured in accordance with applicable codes: IRM, ASME, ISO standards. The 10t fire tube gas boilers for sale are quality proven in the boiler market.

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