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Applications of Molten Salt Furnace


In our industrial activities, we will use a variety of equipment, the use of these devices in our production activities of great help. Today we’ll tell you at a molten salt furnace, widely use it, let’s take a look at its application features and real-life application of it, I hope to help you!

Salt furnace and boiler water medium with relatively high thermal efficiency, high energy, degree of automation, reliability, safety, good environmental quality, adaptability, small size and other prominent advantages, by running proof, you can better meet the requirements of production management, simple operation, safe and reliable, so in modern industrial production has been widely used. Our salt furnace is widely used: petroleum industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, synthetic fiber industry, paper industry and other industries, oil furnace can also be used warm water generators, hot water generators, coolers and soap detergent industry, tar processing industry, the washing machine with hot.

These mainly to introduce the use of molten salt furnace, as well as an understanding of its characteristics. We know its high thermal efficiency, energy saving, high degree of automation, if you are interested in our presentation, we will in the future to bring more exciting information, please support it!

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