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Biomass and RHI


As a result of the domestic RHI, homeowners
installing a biomass boiler could secure a tax-free payment of nearly
£60,000 at a potential ROI of 64%.

Natural Energy Company, Euroheat, has calculated that
homeowners investing £35,000 in a domestic RHI biomass installation
could see them potentially clock-up a return on investment of £57,645*
over a seven year period plus an expected on-going reduction in fuel
savings, and a boiler that will last two decades.

co-founder Simon Holden explains how the figures stack up against a
fixed term deposit account: “Bank versus Biomass – it’s a no brainer
really. By investing £35,000 in a 45kW Euroheat biomass system, payback
will be achieved in just over four years with a guaranteed, tax-free
Government return of £57,645 during the seven years of the RHI scheme.
Investing the same £35,000 in a seven-year fixed rate deposit account at
3.5 per cent will see a paltry return of just £1,031, after the
adjustment for inflation.

“Installers need to be helping
prospective biomass customers understand that installing a wood boiler
under the domestic RHI takes great financial sense.”

While some
homeowners are keen to ‘go green’, however, many more will be convinced
by the investment potential of biomass – these figures pack a powerful
punch and for the right property, are an opportunity too good to ignore.

In the commercial sector, biomass has by far been the most deployed technology.

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