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Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boilers

Chain grate coal fired steam boilers take coal as fuel to heat water to steam. This chain grate realize the coal automatic feeding and slag automatic remove. Because of the low la ...
Product Details

DZL China Grate Coal Fired Boiler

Chain grate coal fired steam boilers take coal as fuel to heat water to steam. This chain grate realize the coal automatic feeding and slag automatic remove. Because of the low labour strength, the chain grate steam boiler has been the most popular coal boiler in industry.  Romiter chain grate coal fired steam boiler uses high quality tube plate, currugated  tube to make sure hgh thermal efficiency higher and sufficient steam capacity

Advantage Feature

  1. Advanced Structure: Boiler is single drum-type quick assembly three pass fire and water tube boiler, with large heating surface and high thermal efficiency;
  2. Compact design: Boiler has advantages of compact structure, the reasonable water cycle design, and quick start;
  3. Advanced chain grate: The advanced chain grates assure reliable operating, less coal missing and energy-saving also reduce installation and maintenance workload of the grate; using a long arch, increasing the effective area of grate, good coal adaptability and fuel burning fully;
  4. High efficiency: Grate with reasonable combustion air distributor makes fuel burning fully and improves machine efficiency;
  5. Pure steam: steam dryness degree of 96% or more;
  6. High intelligent control: The boilers have the pressure, temperature, water and other multi-chain security control; a high degree of mechanization, simple and convenient operating;
  7. Easy to install: China grate boilers are transported in integrated form from factory. This makes the installation period very short.

Technical Parameter Table

Model DZL2-0.7-AII DZL2-1.25-AII DZL4-1.25-AII DZL4-1.6-AII
Rated Capacity t/h 2 2 4 4
Operation Pressure Mpa 0.7 1.25 1.25 1.6
Steam Temperature C 169.6 194 194 203
Water-inlet Temperature C 20 20 20 60
Heating Efficiency % 77.4 77.4 81 81
Area of stoker m2 3.04 3.2 5.4 5.4
Steam valve diameter mm PN1.6 DN80 PN1.6 DN80 PN1.6 DN100 PN2.5 DN100
Water inflow valve diameter mm PN1.6 DN40 PN1.6 DN40 PN1.6 DN50 PN2.5 DN50
Fuel Coal available II type bitumite,lcv:17700-21000KJ/kg
Consumption kg/h 290 290 580 580
Dimension of Proper (LxWxH) m 5.82*2.1*3.22 5.82*2.1*3.22 6.5*2.66*3.52 6.5*2.66*3.52
Proper Weight t 18 19 27 29
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) m 6.5*4.0*3.7 6.5*4.0*3.7 7.2*4.5*4.0 7.2*4.5*4.0
Water supply Model 11/2GC-5*4 11/2GC-5*4 11/2GC-5*7 11/2GC-5*7
Motor power kw 3 7.5 7.5 11
Blast fan Model G6-41-13No 5.4A G6-41-13No 5.4A G6-41-13No 6.4A G6-41-13No 6.4A
Flow m3/h 4358-2310 4358-2310 7358-3596 7358-3596
Pressure Pa 994-1254 994-1254 1436-1181 1436-1181
Motor power kw 3 3 5.5 5.5
ID fan Model Y6-41-13No Y6-41-13No Y6-41-13No Y6-41-13No
5.4C 5.4C 7.1C 7.1C
Flow m3/h 8901-4350 8901-4350 15219-8171 15219-8171
Pressure Pa 2568-3240 2568-3240 2454-3283 2454-3283
Motor power kw 11 11 22 22


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