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Industrial Gas Boiler will be Mainstream in World Boiler Market

Rapid development of the industrial economy requires large amounts of heating supply, thus pushes the industrial boiler improving. Especially in recent years, the energy crisis and global warming conditions stimulate the energy saving and environmental protection production conception, along with the clean industrial gas fired boilers becoming popular.

Industrial gas boiler application in some countries

According to data display, industrial gas boiler has been very common especially in some developed countries it has taken up a large market: Russia 60%, America 98%, Japan 99%. Along with the economic development in developing countries, people are gradually paying attention to the environment protection, thus gas boilers application grows rapidly. For example, China government has carried out the clear policy to encourage gas boiler to replace heavy pollution coal boiler. The coal-to-gas project has been carried out in many cites.


Why gas boiler will be the mainstream in boiler market?

As we all know, in traditional industrial production the coal fired
boiler is the main force. While as the global warming and environment
pollution aggravate, people think the coal boiler must be replaced by more
clean and green industrial boiler in order to relieve the current problems. What’s more, gas boilers
fueled with natural gas are high efficiency as well as low emission.
That’s why gas boilers become popular and some think it will the
mainstream in boiler market.

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