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Oil or Gas Burner Can Not Ignite


Gas fired hot water boiler,as one kind of environmental protection industrial boiler,gets
gradually the favor of market and people because of the more strict
national environmental standards and its significant advantages.The
burner is an important device mixing the air with fuel in a proper
proportion to ensure the sufficient burning,the following conditions may
cause that the burner of gas fired hot water boiler can’t ignite:

Oil pump pressure is low

After a long run,the highest pressure of oil pump will gradually
drop,which causes the bad fuel atomization,which will lead to the
difficulty to ignite,and a lot dense smoke and the flame instability
after ignition.The bad atomization caused by nozzle aging is similar to

Burner nozzle has no fuel injection

The possible reason of that are the pump does not pump oil,oil pipeline
leakage,oil pipeline blockage,etc.That the oil cut-off solenoid valve
has no electricity also may cause that.

No high pressure for ignition

One reason of that is that the ignition transformer has no
electricity(it may be caused by the undesirable contact of relay in the
controller or power lines),the other reason is that no spark discharge
produces,for the high pressure leaks.

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