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Safety Devices Introduction of Light Brick Steam Autoclave


In the process of light brick production, the use of autoclave can greatly improve the strength and performance of products, because the light brick autoclave is a kind of special equipment,it is generally equipped with safety
devices,this text will briefly introduce that in the following sections:

Safety interlock device

The safety interlock device of light brick autoclave is used to prevent
mis-operation,the safety interlock device designed and manufactured by
ZG based on the new technical requirements,can reduce the safety
accident to the minimum extent.

Metering device

The metering device of light brick autoclave refers to the device which
can automatically display the technical parameters relevant to
safety,such as pressure gauge, water level gauge, thermometer, etc.

Alarm device

It refers to the device which can automatically send obvious alarm
signals when the autoclave is in a dangerous state,such as pressure
alarm, temperature monitor, etc.

Pressure relief device

It is a device which can automatically discharge the pressure when the
autoclave has the overpressure phenomenon,such as safety valve,rupture

Romiter light brick autoclaves have many patents involving the automatic operation,positioning
adjustment, safety interlock system,which ensures its high
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